The Foundation

The Dutch Film Research Foundation (Stichting Filmonderzoek) is an independent research foundation that executes research for the film business. The research field includes cinemas, distributors and film production. Film Research’ main commissioners are the Dutch Exhibitors Association, Film Distributors Netherlands, EYE Filmmuseum and the Netherlands Film Fund, among other organisations and companies as cinemas, distributors and cinema advertising companies.

Film Research wants to provide practical information and advice on which the industry can base decisions. Through its research projects, Film Research aims to contribute to the improvement of the film industry. The research is always practical, useful, produces results for clients, and offers insights into possible challenges and solutions.

Film Research possesses thorough knowledge about the film industry. The board consists of people who combine their substantial knowledge of the film business with interest in scientific research. Film Research uses knowledge and expertise from the film sector itself, through direct contact with the industry. Acquired knowledge and contacts in the industry facilitate the work on many different types of research proposals.

Market research
Film Research collaborates with reputable and reliable national (online) research panels for our quantitative market research. With the data from these panels Film Research can give reliable information about movie consuming, representative of the whole of the Netherlands. This data is presented annually in the Cinema Monitor (de Bioscoopmonitor). Next to this Film Research conducts (online) survey research projects based on customer databases, for insights in cinemagoers’ satisfaction, motivations and needs. Film Research also performs studies combining quantitative and qualitative research methods, for deeper insights into audience motivations. For example our study into the experiences of young cinemagoers (16-29 years old), commissioned by EYE in 2016 (only available in Dutch, but let us know if your interested in the results).

Film Research has a broad knowledge of current affairs and statistics within the film industry. We also have access to important data, contacts and sources, both national and international. We are in possession of a large collection of literature relating to the film industry.

Our research projects are mainly available in Dutch, but on request we can inform you about the results in English. There are some studies available in English:

The Dutch Film Research Foundation was founded in 1993 when the Netherlands Federation for Cinematography (NFC) started a research department. Early 2004, Film Research became an independent organization. Also, a collaboration with the University of Utrecht was started, specifically with the Education Institute of Media and Culture and the Professional School of the Arts (PSAU). In 2008 the foundation obtained its own office in Utrecht. A project manager was appointed for the realization of the first self composed Cinema-Monitor (Bioscoopmonitor), the annual study commissioned by the Dutch cinema association (NVB, now NVBF) and Dutch film distributors association (NVF, now FDN) into the consumer behavior of moviegoers. In March 2013 the Dutch Film Research Foundation moved to Amsterdam and expanded to three fulltime researchers.

The Team
Jorien Scholtens, MA – Head of research
Aline Willemsen, MA – Researcher
Dinah Timmer, MSc – Researcher

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