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Facts & Figures

A new Film Facts & Figures, the annual report from the Netherlands Film Fund about the Dutch film sector, has been published in collaboration with the Dutch Film Research Foundation.

Download the report here or browse here.

After a steep decline (-6.5%) in cinema visitor share in 2016, the Dutch share remained relatively stable in 2017 (12%, a 0.3% drop in comparison to 2016). The number of admissions to Dutch films rose in 2017, but this increase was negated by a similar increase in the number of total admissions. Total revenues grew from €580 million to €628 million (+8,3%), fueled by a strong box office and VOD growth.

In 2017, the Netherlands Film Fund supported 680 out of 1306 applications with grants, investing a total of €54.5 million. On average, they granted 34% of documentary production costs (28% in 2016), 50% of animation production costs (similar to 2016), 33% of experimental film production costs (39% in 2016) and 50% of shorts production costs (42% in 2016).

Thirty-eight (38) Dutch features were released in 2017 (37 in 2016), reaching an average audience of 88,070 (122,795 in 2016) – a decline of 28,3%. This is likely due to the absence of a Dutch crowd-pleaser.

In 2017, 45 Dutch films entered the competitions of renowned international film festivals such as Berlinale, Sundance, TIFF and the Tribeca Film Festival. Together, these 45 films were awarded with 8 feature prizes. One hundred forty (140) non-features (documentaries, animated films, experimental movies and shorts) were also selected. These films received a total of 12 prizes.

Similarly to 2015 and 2016, admissions per capita continued to increase in 2017. On average, Dutch people visited a cinema 2.1 times per person per year.

The Dutch Film Research Foundaton (Stichting Filmonderzoek) contributes to the Film Facts & Figures. For more information about attendance demographics and cinema attendance per age group, click here (page 42).